I know what it is like to try every treatment out there and still have pain.  I also understand the concern you may have that only medication and/or surgery can solve your problem.  While practicing chiropractic for over 25 years, patients have come in having been failed by traditional methods only to be put on chronic pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs while considering surgery.  It is likely that you do not need surgery to restructure a stubborn physical condition.  I practice utilizing an intensive form of specialized soft tissue restructuring that prevents surgery and/or the need for continued medication in the treatment of pain related to:

Herniated Discs




Carpal Tunnel

Bone on Bone


Repetitive Motion


Plantar Fascitiis

Rotator Cuff

Surgery Scar Tissue

Pinched Nerves


Bone Spurs


Frozen Shoulder

I work with your body’s soft tissue.  Typically there is an underlying  reactive “spasm” pattern or what we refer to as “clumped” tissue (muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments, arteries, nerves) behind a chronic condition. You may not be able to feel it on the surface and it may not be obvious to you that tissue spasm is causing your pain, but the area of your “clumping” is where your problem is usually hiding.  I can find the spasm and “de-clump” the tissue by rigorously working it in a specific manner and direction.  There is no chiropractic adjustment involved and I work interactively with you while you inform me where the pain is coming from.  Unlike traditional deep muscle or myofascial methods of pain relief where muscles tighten and spasm increases in intensity, with this work you can relax and breathe while clumped tissue is correctly restructured.  My patients often leave a session feeling thoroughly and meticulously “worked” in their areas of pain.

This work prevents back, shoulder, hip, and knee surgery.  There has been no medical proof of a correlation between discs and back or joint pain.  Many people have severely degenerated spines or joint spaces with no remaining discs or cartilage, and yet they experience little or no pain.  If the cause of pain were the degenerated joint, everyone with degenerated joints would have pain.

A 1-hour session: $140

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I was pulling weeds in the yard and my lower back seized up. It was a Sunday, so I rested and tried to relax. The spasms in my lower back were intense and painful. I call Dr. Beck’s office first thing in the morning. They took me in right away. After a quick examination, he started working on the soft tissue of my lower back. I won’t say it did not hurt, it did. But, I could feel the release of those tight muscles as he worked. The relief was amazing. After the second session the next day, I felt even more release. This beats taking pain killers, waiting for the pain to subside. This is taking care of the problem, not just masking the pain. Time to get back to stretching and yoga to keep limber! I highly recommend this service for anyone with chronic soft tissue pain! It’s priceless.